Over the years, Forum TV Repair has been the trusted TV repair shop of clients in Schertz, Texas and surrounding areas. Discover what some of our satisfied clients have to say by reading the testimonials below! 

“Took my Samsung 52 inch on Saturday morning at 09:30 AM for estimate and repair. Power on problem or possible capacitor replacement.  Based on my description, the technician was able to provide me with an estimate. At 11:30 AM, to my surprise, I received a text from the technician letting me know that the TV was repaired and ready to be picked up. I'm very satisfied with their service, very reasonable price, and fast service.”

- Luis M., Cibolo, Texas (4/26/2016)

“Fixed my flat screen TV. Price was very fair. Saved from thinking I needed to buy a new TV. Thanks.”

- Abraham V., Schertz, Texas (11/7/2015)

“Took small flat screen on to be evaluated. Ray ordered parts to repair. The new parts didn't work. I offered to reimburse him for his work and cost of parts. He politely declined. Impressed by the follow up and honest estimate. Would certainly do business again based on this experience.”

- Lamar L., San Antonio, Texas (10/20/2015)

“I had a Samsung LCD TV repaired at Forum TV about 6 months ago for $245.00 and it worked fine. Two weeks ago, it went out during a storm. Their warranty was only 90 days, which I knew when unit was picked up. The owner asked me to bring it in so he could check on what happened to the TV. The problem turned out to be just a blown power supply fuse and he did not charge me to fix it even though it was out of warranty. That is what I call great and professional service. If you ever need a TV fixed take it to them.”

- Anonymous, San Antonio, Texas (4/25/2015)

“Took my TV to get fixed, he repaired it in a timely manner. When I got it home I noticed when I turned on the TV it had a dark spot. I called him and he had me bring it right back to fix the issue. He is very professional I would recommend him ten times over.”

¬- Anonymous

“Brought in a 55" Panasonic TV that three other shops said would be over $300.00 to repair and that parts would not be available for over a month. Forum TV fixed it in 9 days for $165.00 with a board rebuild kit he found online. Set still works great. His shop may look overcrowded and a mess when you walk in but he really knows where everything is at and is really good at fixing TVs. The initial estimate was free and accurate to the penny. If your TV don't work, I would recommend you take here. It is worth the drive.”

- woodmansee j. (Over a Year Ago)

“Awesome Repair Shop – I have taken my electronics to this place since he opened the store. The store is unique, it really doesn't look like a TV shop. Since I live in Universal City, I asked around because shops come and go and I wanted to make sure I received my things in as good as condition as I left them in. The man promised an estimate within 1-2 days, he called the 2nd day and I gave him the OK to work on my TV-Plasma-X-Box and I picked up all but the Xbox because of back orders. I was called when the parts came in 3 weeks and the units all work. I think it depends on how you handle yourself and if you actually take time to read your free estimates. My estimates give a specific amount of time to pick up repaired units because I was told they can't be a storage for the entire city. When my things were ready within the allowed time given, I made sure I set up a time so that the person could help me put the plasma in the vehicle. All of my units came back in the same condition I did drop them off in. And the owner seemed to be a pleasant person and I have returned two different times for advice regarding what brand he would recommend I purchase for the HD TV which he stated Sony because parts are much easier to get and how to properly install something on my computer. So, I tend not to believe what is written up regarding the Big Screen because what person just will take time out of there day to help someone else if they are rude.”

- 196767 (Over a Year Ago)

“Jaye came out to my place for a military move estimate (broken TV). He was very professional and worked with my schedule. Highly recommend this guy as he is VERY knowledgeable. I learned a lot in just a few minutes with him about the best TV to buy and how to transport a PlayStation (don't leave them in freezing conditions).”

- FireBean II (4/12/2013)

“To all the people that gave him a negative response, you are all nuts. Obviously, the problem is with you. This dude can fix stuff. His prices are reasonable, he is knowledgeable, and he knows what he is doing. I took him my "bricked" PS3, and 3 days later, fixed for under $100. This was the original, rare one that is back compatible and worth over $1,000. I didn't wind up with an inferior one or a different one, just the same one I took in, only FIXED! So, anyone reading this negative crap on these reviews can rest assured that is what it is.....crap. I would recommend his shop to anyone and will certainly return. GREAT JOB AND HUGE THANKS!”

- A Google User (2/10/2013)

“My teenage son's Xbox 360 had the red ring of death, or whatever that "signal" is called. Husband called owner told him bring it in, it will be around $97.00 to fix. It's Christmas time and I did not want to spend the money for a NEW Xbox 360. Took it in on a Saturday afternoon, expecting the horrible attitude the others wrote about. Yep, the shop has numerous TVs around. WHO CARES? As long as he fixes mine, I could care less what is on the floor. Man was as nice as he could be. Fixed it in three days at the price he quoted. No problems whatsoever! I just figure EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinion, just don't believe EVERYTHING you read!”

- smr8606 at Citysearch (12/21/2011)